T H E   F L O W

Engraving in gold paper

50 x 56 cm

April 2015


T H E   F L O W

" It is Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, a Hungarian psychologist, who finalized the concept of Flow according to which being in a state of total concentration or complete absorption in an activity is the key of happiness. According to him, it is an experience which characterizes the

high-level sport. This state in which an athlete or an artist is completely committed in the activity is such a unique and intense moment when by reaching it for the first time, the Flow becomes a pure source of intrinsic motivation.

In the Flow, the feelings are not just contained but also positive, stimulated and aligned with the executed task. The Flow is a feeling of spontaneous enjoyment, felt by executing a task although it is also described as a profound feeling only focus on the activity and not on the feelings. "


collaboration with Bazar Noir

interior design store in Berlin. 



Specialist Art Consultant

Jessica Franses - Art Lawyer

London - UK

Artist based in Berlin GERMANY

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